ASW performs nondestructive Geomembrane Leak Location Surveys and Liner Integrity Surveys for various industries that require solid and/or liquid containment utilizing geomembranes. With over 30 years of lined facility design and construction quality control and quality assurance experience we currently have Leak Location Surveys being requested for the following industries (and more):

Landfill cells, leachate collection ponds, storm water ponds, transfer stations requiring geomembrane, mining heap leach pads, solution collection channels and ponds, storm water collection ponds, minerals processing ponds and evaporation aprons, coal fired power generation evaporation ponds and precipitate settling ponds, agricultural solid and liquid waste handling ponds, private and commercial water features, general wastewater ponds for the water treatment, wine making and food processing industries, railroad fuel impoundments and ponds for the steel, Ferro-alloy and automotive industries.

Our Leak Location Survey methods have been field validated and should be viewed accordingly. Leak Location Surveys is a modern, viable and justifiable quality assurance procedure that allows for the most comprehensive evaluation of the complete geomembrane installation, thereby helping the installation to attain the best possible long-term containment system performance that is achievable (IAGI, R. Koerner and G. Koerner 2004).

It is not uncommon to find, in new installations before they are commissioned, damage to the geomembrane made by excavator buckets, knife cuts, seaming burn through, punctures created from hand tools, wheels and heavy equipment tracks.

All Leak Location Survey test methods comply with:
  • ASTM D6747- Leak Location Survey STANDARD TESTING GUIDE
  • ASTM D7007-Leak Location Survey COVERED GEOMEMBRANES
  • ASTM D7002 – Leak Location Survey EXPOSED GEOMEMBRANES

ASW is CERTIFIED for the performance of Leak Location Surveys or Liner Integrity Surveys through the TRI-CORP Liner Integrity Center.
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